Concert Daze


Guys. I have come down with a serious and awful condition. It’s found all over the world and quite contagious, actually. This condition is typically triggered by loud music, sociable settings and great conversation. It doesn’t really feel like a sickness- there are no major physical effects besides the occasionally stinging sadness of the heart, but it does cause some strange side effects such as nostalgia, a tendency to flip through pictures and videos incessantly and addiction to the repeat button on your iPod. That’s right people- I’ve come down with a serious case of post-concert depression.

All jokes aside, y’all. I have fallen in love with concerts. And while the radio pop, mega world tour concerts are crazy fun and full of unexpected people,  it’s the mellow, spur-of-the-moment, maximum capacity 300 theatre concerts that make for the best shows. Last Friday my girlfriend texted me in the middle of first period AP Language, in all caps mind you, saying:


For those of you who don’t know, Matt Wertz is an amazing artist on the rise with a knack for the white t-shirt look (not that I’m complaining. oh, he totally pulls it off) and cute performance quirks (like going tippy-toe every time he hits a high note). It’s adorable. The concert was held at The Granada Theatre in D-town on a perfectly sunny day, so I got to break out the shorts for the first time this year. I know right. I never thought the time of single-layer, slip-on clothing would come again either.

One of my favorite parts of the pre-concert experience is figuring out what to wear. Or maybe that’s just my fashion-inclined self gravitating towards what I love most. Oops. Concert fashion is just so refreshingly different from what I’m allowed to wear at school or my lazy weekend outfits- they give me the chance to show off my more delicate, bohemian pieces in good ambiance and even greater lighting (because what’s a good outfit without some back lighting, am I right?).

What are your favorite concert looks at the moment? Have you gone to any recently? Please do comment and share, I’d love to live vicariously through your concert experiences to get over my own post-concert depression.


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xo, TSJ

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