Hello, 2.0


Life really knows how to mess with a girl.

Let me be the first to attest to that: sometimes life can just be so… mean. And maybe this is just me complaining as a teenager, but I’d think that anyone could agree with the fact that sometimes it’s just so inconsiderate of everyone else’s feelings.

For those of you who don’t know, or have forgotten due to the fact that I’ve been on writer’s vacation for way too long, my name is Joanne and I am the brains behind The Status Jo. For those who do know and/or remember and are relatively confused, or, (and I sure hope this isn’t the case) possibly even resentful at the sudden halt of production on TSJ, let me take a few minutes to explain.

I have always been adapted to dealing with an incredibly non-stop busy schedule. You don’t even have to be close to me to know that I’m just one of those people that is always everywhere all the dang time. Somehow the word “no” just completely seems to escape my vocabulary whenever a new challenge arises for me to take on.

Around early May of this year, this mentality of mine epitomized into a 24/7, never-ending loop of extreme stress. At one point, I was keeping myself more than well occupied with maintaining a 5.0 GPA, drill team President responsibilities, a part time job, mentorship with the incredible Style of Sam, writing for TSJ and attempting to not completely annihilate any relationships, because you know, family and friends are sort of important.

Long story short, I stretched myself out so thin that I was functioning on a good two hours of sleep every night and acted like no more than a computerized robot at all times- some people would call this lifestyle “unhealthy”. Why I have no clue. Unfortunately for me, tired is definitely not the new healthy, and after some time I had to force myself to reconsider the fact that I was so intent on proving to everyone else around me that I could be SuperWoman that I was making myself physically sick.

For that reason, and that reason alone, I felt it best to pause the production of TSJ for the time being as I rebalanced my life and regained a slight amount of sanity. Lesson learned, because I had absolutely no desire or intention it taking just this long, but the good news is that I am back and ready.

Little tip of the trade: turns out being healthy and emotionally stable can actually do wonders for writer’s block. I’m glad to be back and you’ll proud to know that I am now getting a whole two more hours of sleep per night. See you soon.

xo, TSJ

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