Look Back At It (2015)


2015 has been quite the year. Between powering through the first semester of senior year, college applications, and trying to soak up my last year at home, I’ve learned a great deal about myself.

If we’re being honest, this year has been so good to me. I was admitted into the PR program at UT Austin, my girlfriends and I have never been closer, TSJ was born and so was my freelance writing career, plus I’ve finally chosen to embrace the single life rather than shame it. But we all know these types of things don’t come without lessons learned, and here was 2015’s biggest gift to me: patience.

I don’t naturally have a high patience level. I’m the type of girl that favors time efficiency and being on-the-go, all-the-time (hence, my favoritism towards NYC). And although it makes for great time management skills, being an impatient person mostly hurts more than helps me and therefore is something I’ve been working on for a long time.

This semester I experienced first-hand the stress and hand cramps induced by hours of college/scholarship applications essays, and shortly after the long months of agonizing anxiety while waiting to be accepted into my major. My relationships with friends and family have at times been severely tested in the face of conflicting schedules and sometimes even resentment. I began TSJ expecting so much, before realizing that I had to be more realistic on how much time I can actually dedicate to blogging as a high school student.

But honestly, and most importantly, this year I learned how to love myself- and that was the greatest test of patience by far. I won’t dive too deep into this subject (unless y’all want me to later on), but I have never had very high self-esteem. And the fact that most of my friends have always been in committed relationships while I, on the other hand, don’t seem to have that luck in the romantic department, only added to my pile of insecurities. I think it finally hit me- that I am worth so much more than what’s on the outside, when I started watching my dreams come true. With TSJ, UT Austin, and my first freelance piece being published in 2016 (look out for the March issue of Dallas Style & Design, eeeeep), the last 365 days have taught me that my hard work and efforts, as well as a bit of patience, go very, VERY far.

2016 is less than 24 hours away and, even though this year was honestly a blast, I’m so ready for what’s in store next. High school graduation, PROM, starting college, and hopefully even a few new internships along the way, 2016: GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT.

See y’all in the new year. 😉

(You know I had to end on a cheesy line.)

xo, TSJ

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