My 2017 Resolution

As I desperately sprinted off the night-before calories, I scanned the room of fellow gym goers around me, wondering whom of which were here as some inspired last minute attempt to redeem everyone’s favorite New Year’s Resolution: to work out more.

It’s curious to me why of all goals exercise is the most popular- but then I realized it’s probably one of the easier accomplished scapegoats for change. Getting into a healthy routine takes strong will and motive, sure, but it’s compacted in a nice little routine for us already:

Run, lift, stretch, repeat.

The repetition is what gets to us. Round and around and around- order is nice, order is clean. Gives us something familiar to look forward to; a strange sort of comfort rests in the known. But routine also gives way to indifference after a while. It’s comfortable to stay sheltered within the walls of the things and people and places and ideas we are used to because, face it, the unknown is scary.

I’m tired of letting it scare me. Near the middle of this first semester on my own, I sunk into a shallow state of boredom. I attended classes, did my work, hung out in the dorm, worked out (ha) – long story short, I slipped into routine.

I’d been moved in for all of 3 months and already felt like I’d seen everything I needed to. My interest in learning new things and in meeting new people and in exploring new places had been curbed by my assumed ignorance against all that was worthy of being known.

Surprisingly, all I needed was an extended vacation back home for the slap-in-the-face I gravely needed. Quite frankly, there’s no better reality check than being away from something you take for granted- Austin, family, friends- it applies to everything.

That’s not acceptable to me anymore. If independent living has taught me anything, it’s that you are indefinitely bound to miss the things you were so eager to leave behind. I refuse to continue living in a state of apathy only to realize way too late the things I should’ve done, the words I should’ve said, the experiences I should’ve had.

And in saying so, I have only one goal in this new year- hell, in this life: to stop wasting time.

I suggest that you do the same.

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