New Orleans Travel Diary

What an eye-opening 15 hours it’s been…

Our spring break group of 13 made a pit stop in New Orleans for the night to break up the hefty fourteen hour car ride to Florida! After checking into our hotel at Holiday Inn French Quarter – Chateau LeMoyne at 11:30 PM, I didn’t think I’d have it in me to do anything but sleep. We topped off the night with a visit to local college hangout The Boot before crashing instantly.

Come morning, we decided that it would be a shame if we didn’t at least explore French Quarter a bit before heading back on the road.

There are not enough words to capture my mesmerization.

New Orleans is a place whose essence can only truly be understood by those who have been. You hear the stories: wild tales from Bourbon street, eerie myths of its haunted pasts, stutters of its brilliance. But there is something about standing in the midst of it all that makes you fall so madly in love.

“Ah, so this is why they speak so dearly of this city.”

The city seems to breathe in and out alongside those who walk its pebbled, weathered streets. There is a story that resonates loud and clear from each individual building. Some have clearly been recently repurposed, others reveal their age through chipped paint and worn-down walls. They loom over you proudly, gallantly, enticingly. Light jazz notes breeze by as you stroll; the air is crisp yet smooth, only tainted by the lingering smells of last night’s party. Friends whoop and holler, one arm slung over another’s shoulder and a morning cocktail in the other.

We follow up breakfast with a visit to the classic Café Du Monde for beignets and coffee. There is no end in sight for the line, yet one of our girls luckily snags a table within minutes. Pro tip: the patio seating is first come, first serve. Many of the tourists do not realize there is no wait line for self-seating. 

Here we have another one of those “ahhh” moments; we finally see for ourselves why Café Du Monde is so overhyped. Though I do not have many experiences to compare to, I’d say this was one of the best beignets I’ve ever tasted. (Okay, it’s the only beignet I’ve ever tasted. But damn was it good.) Sugary and tender, baked so perfectly it melts in your mouth.


Though they definitely do not do the brilliant architecture enough justice, some more shots:

New Orleans, I am so smitten for you.

xx, Joanne

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