Echo Magazine / Self-Made Internship Project

Digital PDF: Echo Magazine

Editor in Chief Joanne Xu / Photographer Kelly Ellsworth / Head Writer Emma Burleigh / Assistant Writer Joanne Xu / Public Relations + Marketing Joanne Xu, Emma Burleigh / Graphic Designer + Illustrator Joanne Xu


Echo Magazine is a 32 page, student duo-produced fashion magazine that was created Joanne and Emma’s senior year of high school (2016) as an element of our Independent Study and Mentorship Program’s Final Presentation Night. The publication boasts eight real advertisements that were donated, through the PR efforts of Joanne and Emma, from retail and restaurant businesses from across the DFW metroplex.

Amongst its sections, many of which were inspired by those most commonly found within a real fashion magazine, is a “what’s trending” blurb (page 10) and a fashion piece on the 2016 “capsule wardrobe” trend.

Echo’s two largest features include an in-depth interview with world renowned wildlife photographer, David Yarrow, and a piece on 5 of DFW’s most influential teens – all of whom were chosen from our school district to showcase the community of budding talent around us.

In addition to a complete digital copy of Echo, guests at our Final Presentation Night were given a print copy of the magazine as well as a complimentary “swag bag”, filled with coupons donated from our advertisers, to take home.

All original photography, including the cover shot, editor’s note and “top 5” portraits, are courtesy of Dallas-based lifestyle photographer Kelly Ellsworth. She graciously offered her services pro bono, just like our advertisers. Below are a few of the beautiful images that didn’t make the issue:

Emma and I would like to graciously thank all who willingly sacrificed their time and effort to help two senior high schoolers with a simple dream of creating a real fashion magazine. It is those of you who prioritize educating aspiring professionals of our generation over gaining profit or recognition that truly inspire us to settle for nothing less than our best. 

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