Rompin’ Around


Hi TSJ, here’s to a brand new week!

As you’ll get to know very quickly, I am all about the effortless cool look- the less work I have to do to pull myself together, the better. In result, I tend to fall in love with every single romper I try on. I mean honestly, it’s a shirt and shorts in one, they don’t give you uncomfortable wedgies, and they look so adorable and polished. The only one true downside to rompers is the added difficulty of using the ladies’ room, but the pros totally override that one little con. I’ve been dying to pull this leopard print, 3/4 sleeves one out of the out-of-season section of my closet for a while now. For a casual lunch date with friends I’d pair it with some flats and some stacked gold, but I was feeling this more dressed version for D-town.

Another thing I’m loving lately? Tassels. We’ve been seeing styles of the fringe variety pop up allllll over the runway, and while it’s not as practical swinging a tasseled bag around school (think of all the nasty public surfaces it would graze over), this necklace is a close second. I love how it doesn’t have a specific end, it comes as just one long gold strand, so you can style and restyle your heart away.

What do you think of the tassel/fringe trend making a comeback?

BY THE WAY. Is anyone else absolutely heartbroken over Zayn leaving 1D? Confession: I used to be THE biggest Directioner you could find- like “I watched them on British X Factor via pirated episode streaming (sorry mom and dad), posters from ceiling to floor on 3 out of 4 walls” type Directioner. I was telling my friend, however, that I have since grown out of that phase and matured into more of a reminiscent, proud mom. Nonetheless, what’s going to happen now?

Okay. Sorry. Just had to get that out of my system.


Forever 21 Romper (sold out, similar one here) | Forever 21 Vest | Floppy Hat (similar here) | Kendra Scott Tassel Necklace | Rose Gold Watch (old, similar here) | Alex & Ani Bracelet | Old Navy Booties (sold out, similar here)

xo, TSJ


  • Reply lindsay bartholomew March 31, 2015 at 7:39 PM

    Hi TSJ! Your blog is killer! Seriously, it’s like you were made to do this. I think you have a effortless and inviting way of writing. It’s as if you’ve done this forever! So, SO excited to see new posts from you. I think you could go places with this. I very much enjoy reading your work!

    All the love, L.

    • Reply March 31, 2015 at 9:44 PM

      Thank you SO much! You have no idea how much that means to me. Can’t wait to hear from you more.

      xo, TSJ

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