Summer Whites in SoCo

The calendar summer has officially begun, but much to my dismay, Texas has been creeping its way to maximum heat for a solid few weeks now. Personally, I’m not a fan.

I adore the summertime for all that it signifies – sweet freedom from responsibility (or so I was told), unregulated binge eating of anything cold I can find, hot shirtless boys by the pool (nothing wrong with some nice eye candy) – but for the love of hydrated skin and sweat-less blouses I am begging for it to cool down already.

In the mean time, I’m testing out the “darker colors attract more sunlight” rule. My completely idiotic logic stands that wearing all neutral colors will divert heat rays away from my body in the same way that my thick head of jet black hair attracts UV straight to my scalp. In theory, this could be considered a smart attempt to avoid constant overheating, if only this Zara shirt wasn’t made of wooly, warm fabric designed to insulate heat.

I do tend to ignore the flaws in my plan until after they’ve bit me in the a**.

Zara knit top / only $10!

Forever21 frayed linen shorts

Target sandals

Brandy Melville studded crossbody (similar)

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